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ZIpper, Zippers, Everywhere!

OK, I swear I wasn't drunk when I bough these yesterday. I got drunk after. I still can't believe I bought these instead of the very versatile comfortable Repetto Kiss booties I blogged about earlier. In reality I kind of put down this new zippered bootie trend. Too rock n' roll right?
I wrote them off as too tall, or too gimmicky. Case in point, the zippers on these Giuseppe Zanotti boots are tacked on top of the leather boot, not integrated into them. Plus, they are $1975.00! Click the boot to link to Intermix where they are sold.

Now these are much more to my liking, with a hidden platform, and lower, not-so-spindly heels that you can actually walk around in. The zippers look cool, and are integrated into the suede, but are permanently stuck in the halfway open position.

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