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Feathers Are More Fun Than Fur!

So last Fall, I tried on what I have come to view as an exquisite white feather bolero jacket at a little boutique here in DUMBO. There was only one, in my size, and it was on sale. I was immediately drawn to the uniqueness and impracticality of it, which is also, I guess, why I didn't buy it. I felt like it was an extravagance that would just sit in my closet and look pretty. A month later, I was putting together an outfit and realized the perfect capper for it would be the white feather jacket. I went back to buy it, and it was gone.

Since then, I have continually seen more and more ways to wear a piece like this, and I have so much remorse for NOT making an impulse buy. I continue to search for another one just like it, but to no avail.

I have found a couple brightly colored feather jackets, but it seems to me something this wild and attention-getting should at least be in a basic color if you are to wear it much, right? White is optimal, with black coming in second.


 There is also the difference in eather construction. I found this nice white jacket, but it seems to be made of the downy marabou, not the long feathers of the cobalt blue jacket from Miss Selfridge, which are much more modern.

These are just too costumey.
Marabou Jackets


Marabou Feather Jacket

Oh, darling this is to die for! Jacket is made with Marabou feathers.  Fully lined with front hook closure.  Available only in two sizes that fit most medium and extra large.  Choice of red or purple. 




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